Tuesday, April 20, 2010

9 & 29, Respectively!

When my sweet sister, Gail...who is expecting a sweet blessing in November...was here visiting, we took some sister preggo shots together. We took them at a restaurant, which is quite appropriate for our bigger than normal mommy appetites! Haha! Here we are together at 9 at 29 weeks, respectively.

Pretty Mamas! (Gail is the picture of pretty pregnancy...me on the other hand,
pretty {huge} pregnancy...but it's all good!)

Our baby bumps! What cute little cousins! ;)

{LoVe} you, precious Gail and Baby G!



Gail said...

Awe Gracie....I love our baby bumps! My baby certainly loved all the good food that week! (Me too!) I craved bagels and cream cheese when I came home and went to the store immediately to get some. YUM.



goatpod2 said...

Loved the pictures, not much longer 'til baby boy Aldape #2 arrives Grace!


The Allen Family said...

Were you guys at the Custard Place?? We love that place!!!