Friday, April 2, 2010

A {Very} Fun 2nd Birthday!!!

Get ready for picture overload!!! I tried to capture most of what happened on Johnathan's second birthday...and believe it or not I weeded out over 2/3 of my photos and only put my very favorites on here! I didn't take any pictures of breakfast...but FYI, Johnathan had his favorite breakfast...waffles...or "wafwafs"...and then he was all powered up to head out to school! Here is my sweet boy on his 2nd Birthday!!!...

....At school with two of his friends (the rest were out sick!), and about to go on their Easter egg hunt!

Playing with a few toys before heading outside.

I volunteered to help hide the eggs so I could spend some time with my sweet boy at school on his b-day! It was lots of fun!

Yay, Monkey, you found one!!!

What a sweet friend you have!

Sharing eggs!

Once Johnathan found the slinky in the egg he didn't care about hunting for any more!

Look at those cute legs!!!

Boy, was that slinky the coolest thing to him! ;)

Back in his classroom and still lovin' the slinky...which is good...because while he played there with his friends, I ran back home to start on this with Aaron...

Aaron showed up just in time to put on a few of the last pieces...I was so proud of myself for making the whole thing almost by myself! Haha!

We both got to pick Johnathan up from school and then brought him home to see his "big birthday surprise!"

Driving to see Dada!

Aaron showed him how to climb up the "rock wall"...

...and how to crawl into the clubhouse...

...and after that Monkey could do it all by himself!

I think he likes his surprise! Whoopee!!!

Hey, sweet birthday boy!!! I love you!!!


After playing on his slide we came inside so Johnathan could open up some packages that came in the mail...this one was to "Nohnny" from his sweet cousins, Miles & Levi! Thanks you guys!

Look! Something from Nana & Papi!!! Thank you!!!

Johnathan's birthday banner...made especially for him with "wights" since he loved them so much at Christmas!

After a nice birthday nap, it was time to play outside again with two of his favorite people...cousins Arden & Kenny!

Present time!!! (And strawberry time!)

Playing the harmonica!

Getting ready to throw his present, which it turns out were these...

...the perfect thing to throw!!! Good job, buddy!

Opening his new fire truck...or "ruck" as he calls it!

Waiting for Dada to help get the truck out.

More trucks!!!

I'm 2!!!

Cheesy little smile!

He was a bit unsure why there were candles on his cupcakes...

...until we told him to "blow"...and then he only blew with his nose like he does when we tell him to blow his was totally funny and absolutely priceless!!!

More nose blowing, I mean candle blowing...we got him the "trick" candles so he could try several times! ;)

Mmm, cake! Yummy!

Precious boy!

Life doesn't get much better than this!

Almost done with his birthday cake...

...and time to pose with Mama & Dada...we love you SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, sweet Johnathan! Happy 2nd Birthday!!!

Have a blessed Easter weekend, y'all.



Mom said...

Ohhhh, thanks for capturing his special day for us to see. I almost can feel as if I was there! I hope he knows how much we love, love, love him!!!

Wow, 2 years old! God is good, all the time!

Love you all,

Mom and Grammy

goatpod2 said...

Enjoyed the pictures!


KellyW said...

Happy Birthday Johnathan!!! I loved all the pictures. His clubhouse rocks!!!

Gail said...

Good job on the playhouse! Looks like Johnathan likes it! Yay! Success! Happy Happy day.

Love you,