Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Much Ado About Something!

There has been a lot of buzzing around the hive lately...we have been some busy, busy bees! There have been play-dates, going to see cousins play tennis, fun play time at home, mornings at church worshiping God, swimming lessons, outside playtime and the beginning of another school year! Here are some photos of the last week in the Aldape household! Enjoy!

Johnathan began private swimming lessons last Wednesday...the result was a 30 minute crying session of "hold you, Mama!"...but we stuck with it and he finished out his lesson! And, on his second lesson a couple of days later he did great, no crying! Plus he did everything his teacher taught him!
"Cheese, Mama!"
Enjoying a peach after swimming!
What a beautiful reflection!
I am positive that I have one of the cutest, if not THE cutest baby E-V-E-R!!!
My sweet boy...notice the little bald patch on the side of his head...he rubbed all his hair off there! I call him my little mangey boy! Haha!
Johnathan is really into building towers, or "castles" as he calls them.
Building a castle!
Whoops, it all falls down!
Another castle creation!
Putting on the finishing touch!
My big boy in his church outfit!
What a cutie!
I just love his smiles...
...especially when they're all-out grins like this!
There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...
...except for maybe a smiling sleeping baby! What a happy boy! He must be having sweet dreams!
Aaron "babywearing" with Johnathan...I will have to tell you all about my baby carrier soon!
Me and my silly boy on his first day back to school!

That's it for now, y'all! My boys are both napping peacefully, so I had better take advantage and get some more things done around here!!!



goatpod2 said...

Enjoyed the pictures!


Gail said...

That's so neat you have Johnathan in swim lessons! I can't believe how big Eli is getting! Only 2 more days before I get to see you all! Yay!!! Drive safe!