Monday, November 15, 2010

My Two Lil' Monsters {in Cloth}

About a month ago we switched over to cloth diapers (Rump.a.rooz pocket, one-size diapers that I purchased here) and we...and I mean me!...absolutely love them! Changing diapers is so much more fun now, and I love washing them and getting them ready for my sweet boy to use again. I pretty much love everything about my cloth diapers...the way they contain the mess, the fresh, clean smell they have after the wash and of course the cute, when I got in a couple more that were matching I couldn't help but to put Johnathan in one too! So, here are my two little dudes sporting their "Lil Monster" cloth diapers.

Aren't these little fluffy butts too cute?!!

Johnathan is now into the silly smile stage where it is almost impossible to get him to give me a nice smile...ugh! And Eli, well he was too intrigued with the little silver box that mommy had up to her face to smile at all! ;)



Mom said...

Love 'em!! Can't wait to see 'em in person!!!!

Gail said...


These pics are adorable of Johnathan and Eli. ;0) Do you think you'll do cloth when you come to Mom & Dad's? I want to see this thing in action!



Alison said...

We use cloth too. I tried a few different ones that people gave me years ago on Zoe as a baby but settled on Fuzzi Bunz. I bought one pack of mediums when she was almost a year and they lasted until she was two and a half and potty trained. Now Ethan's in the same ones. I bought a used set of smalls when E was born - 15 of them for $125 and he was in the Mediums about 6 months or so. They have saved SO much money. We normally use disposables only for church, trips, and at night...but I also use for Ethan the flip system diaper for night time use. If you don't already have one, buy a toilet shower to hook to the edge of the toilet. You spray off the yucky stuff with it...very handy. :)