Sunday, August 28, 2011

"I want Jesus to snuggle me"

Snuggle time. Without fail this is the one time of the day where Johnathan is the most peaceful, shows endearing affection and is also very spiritually tuned in. Each night, after book-reading and prayer time with Dada, Johnathan and I snuggle in his bed. This started after he finished nursing (almost 2 years ago now) as a way for us to still connect at the end of our busy (sometimes chaotic) day. Johnathan is a very affectionate boy (one of his love languages) and I love our time together. I sing to him, scratch his back and listen to his sleepy little boy ramblings. We have had some of our most spiritual talks during this nighttime ritual. I remember one time where out of the blue he asked me "how come Jesus died?" I went on to explain why in terms he could understand and you should have seen the amazement on his face when I told him that after Jesus died he came back to life! It was thrilling to see him so excited that "now He not dead, He's ALIVE!" After that conversation anytime we talked about something being alive he would say "like Jesus!"

Tonight was another one of those nights where his concept of Jesus/God blessed me. Usually I will let Johnathan know that I am going to sing him his songs and then we'll have "one snuggle"...which he promptly tries to negotiate into "lots of snuggles", "no" I say, "just one"..."how 'bout two" he says...he is quite the negotiator! Anyways, after our snuggle I told him it was time for bed and he says "but I want Jesus to snuggle me"...I let him know that Jesus is always with him, always there to snuggle..."and God too" he says..."yes" I tell him, "God is always with you too."

Sweet dreams,


goatpod2 said...

Awe so sweet and precious!



Gail said...

That is so sweet and beyond precious! It's amazing to me the sweet innocence and humble faith that children can possess. ;)

Love you,


KellyW said...

I love this. What a sweet boy you have.