Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Next Step in My Infatuation with Candles

I love candles, I really do...and the shelves and storage bins in my pantry can attest to this! So, it only makes sense for me to start making them myself! Candle making was one of the things I wanted to start doing this year, and why not start now I say! Usually when I'm all about something I'm all about it right now...I don't know if that means I'm overly ambitious or if I'm just impatient...I kinda think it's both...anyways, I just placed my first order for equipment and supplies for my first batch of candles. I'm really excited to start doing this my own way and can't wait to add my own unique stamp of "Grace-ness" on each candle!


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Practically Ava said...

How fuN! My sis and I have been making our own Scentsy bars (without the yucky chemicals) and it has been so fun to come up with my own smell combinations! I am sure your candles will not only smell amazing but I am sure they will look precious with your unique stamp of "Grace-ness!"
Happy Candle Making!