Saturday, January 14, 2012

Unstaged Affection

Yesterday I was vacuuming our living room when I looked up and saw the boys like this...

...I didn't want to break the spell (sometimes brotherly affection only lasts so long!)...but I did want to capture some photos of such a sweet moment. So, I left the vacuum running in place, since they were sort of zoned out from its noise, and I went to grab my camera as quick as possible. Luckily they were still enjoying the book that Johnathan was "reading" and I was able to get some sweet pics of them together. Despite the fighting that sometimes happens they both love each other so much, and it just makes my heart smile to see them like this!


Have a Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures!



Mom said...

Love these moments! Thanks for capturing them for us.


Precious Moments said...

This is so awesome--I am in the middle of blogging right now for tomorrow and the pictures are identical. Face kisses, Brylee reading to awesome!!! Great pictures.