Saturday, January 7, 2012

3 Arms? :)

Yesterday Johnathan and Eli were being especially clingy...sometimes not a problem, but when I'm trying to cook dinner it's hard to hold two little boys! Anyways, I was trying to explain to Johnathan that sometimes I just can't hold him and that I need my arms to do other things. I asked him what I was going to do if I have another baby???...I told him right now I have two arms for two boys, but if another baby comes then someone will have to share mommy. And he asks, quick as lightning, "Are you going to have three arms then?"...Hahahaha!!! He's got it figured out! I just need to grow another arm!!!

***And no, there is no baby on the way just yet...thought I'd throw that disclaimer in here for inquiring minds!*** :)

Well, I'm off to enjoy a wonderful Saturday with my boys! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!



goatpod2 said...

LOL about the three arms! My brother is expecting his 4th daughter on January 31st via a scheduled c-section, it will be my sister-in-law's 3rd daughter. My brother will have to share his time with his 5-year-old daughter.

He was holding his almost 10-year-old daughter over the holidays since he doesn't get to see her that often since she lives with her Mom and step dad and he could some jealousy in his 5-year-old daughter, he said soon he'll have to hold Sylvia the same way what is she going to do when he has to hold her baby sister.



Mom said...

I love all those sweet little thought processes. The fact that your boys want to be held says a lot about the love you give to them- how very blessed you are.

Thanks for the disclaimer. too- Aww, shucks, though :)

Have a great weekend,