Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Garden {at Night}

The last several weeks the boys and I have been working on our side garden. We have a neat little area right off of our living room that had been previously neglected, and I wanted to take advantage of the outdoor space. We've potted some herbs, planted a few flowers and hung bird feeders & houses. We've hung some signs and frames on the wall for visual interest and just yesterday we mulched the bed to cover the dead vine-y mess that used to be there. Then, for some added nighttime ambiance, we strung outdoor lights on the pillars and overhead surrounding our little garden area. The effect is much more magical in person, but I tried to capture it the best I can here with my limited photography skills and simple camera.



Mom said...

You have a knack for creating beauty!

Love that,


Practically Ava said...

Beautiful! How fun that must be to look out the window at night and see it all lit up!
Love ya!