Monday, February 27, 2012

An Afternoon with Uncle Brosky!

I got a call today at noon from my brother asking if he could drop by...well of course!!! He had just landed at DFW which just so happens to be fairly close to our home. Yay!!! I told the boys that "Uncle Brosky" was coming over and they both shouted for joy and started running around was pretty cute! I also gave Aaron a quick text to see if he could join us for lunch in between his morning and afternoon patients. Uncle Brosky (Grant), is a much loved person by us...he is my favorite brother, after all (*wink*)...and having a chance to get to hang out with him is always a blessing. We had a wonderful time together and the little dudes especially had fun building (and wrecking) train tracks and block castles with their beloved Uncle Grant.

We love you, Bro!!!


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