Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thank You Jesus!

Some of y'all may or may not know this because I've been fairly quiet about it here on my blog (well, except for this post), but the last several weeks have been an emotional and spiritual roller coaster.  Long story short, my OBGYN found a mass in my abdomen.  Pelvic sono and CT determined what was likely an ovarian cyst on my left ovary.  My ovary was completely engulfed because of the size of the cyst (think softball size), and my Dr. ordered a cancer screen to check for certain cancer markers.  The cancer screen came back negative (thank God) and surgery was scheduled (removal of the cyst/mass and my left ovary and tube) and performed a couple weeks ago. 

Following my surgery I stayed two nights in the hospital and the last couple of weeks I've been recovering.  The pathology report classified the mass in my abdomen as a Borderline Mucinous Ovarian Tumor...not exactly what I was thinking it was going to be, BUT, after having my 2 week followup visit with my Dr. last week I feel completely amazing because the correct standard procedure for that type of tumor is to remove it along with affected ovary/tube on whatever side the tumor is growing...and I already had that done during surgery!  Phew!  My doctor did run the results from the pathologist/surgery by a well respected Gynecological Oncologist, and that doctor thought that since everything else was looking fine in my abdomen (right ovary, uterus, appendix, etc.) that I am in the clear and need no further treatment!  Hooray!

You have no idea just how relieved I am because of this wonderful news, I had seriously started planning my kids and husband's life following my death...lining up in my head who I thought would be good spiritual mentor's for them, paying all the bills 'til kingdom come, writing down extensive lists on how to care properly for my boys, you know, all the good stuff that worry-warts do when they know impending doom is coming their way.  However, I am more than grateful that God saw fit to keep me around for a little bit longer and there are some things I want to change about how I live.  More on that later.   

So, all that to say I'm happy to be here, to be alive and I hope I'll be blessed with many more years to make a difference in my children's lives and the lives of those around me. 



Oh, and many many thanks to all the wonderful people who helped me before and following my surgery.  We have been truly blessed. 


goatpod2 said...

Praise the Lord, glad everything is Okay.


Erica Marshall said...

OH my goodness, Grace! Thank you for sharing what was going on. I was wondering what the surgery had been for and hoping everything was okay. Sounds like God showed his healing power through the medical staff.
It is humbling, I'm sure, to be reminded of how short our lives really are, how it really is Jesus who is sustaining our breath and life. Thankful that His goodness includes your continued breath and life. :)

Precious Moments said...

Glad you shared this. So grateful for wonderful news friend :) Love you guys