Saturday, May 5, 2012

To Do Today:

I am a total list person.  If I need to get something done, it goes on "the list"...if it's not on the list, it doesn't get done...usually it simply gets forgotten!  :-)

So, yesterday (Friday) I had a lot on my plate, and I knew that the best way to make sure it all got done was to put it all on the list...and boy, what a long list it was!  And yes, I'm totally blogging about what I got accomplished yesterday because, well, I'm pretty impressed with myself that I got it all done, haha!

Here was yesterday's "To Do Today" list:

  • Clean 1/2 Bathroom
  • Wash/Dry Boys' Bedding
  • Change Boys' Sheets
  • Wash Laundry (4 loads)
  • Fold/Put Away Laundry
  • Pick up Drycleaning
  • Empty Dishwasher
  • Clean Our Bathroom
  • Organize Play Room
  • Vacuum Entire House
  • Pay Bills/Balance Check Book
  • Make Card for Baby Shower
  • Make Gift for My Niece, Ava
  • Grocery Shop
  • Dust House
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Clean Back Patio
  • Put Away Ironed Shirts (Aaron doesn't like the drycleaners hangers, so I have to switch all his shirts out when we get them back home!)
  • Water Indoor/Outdoor Plants
  • Clean up Side Yard
  • De-Poo Back Yard (doggie duty, or should I say doodie, yuck!)
  • Wash Eli's Cloth Diapers
This is totally not a typical day...usually I have a hard time just completing one task start to finish, but the boys were both in great moods, helped along the way, and I didn't do anything else the whole day (not counting taking care of my boys, feeding them, changing them, etc.) except for what was on the list...I even skipped lunch to get stuff done, unless you consider eating a few cheetos during bill-paying eating lunch!  Phew! 

Last night I was so worn out, but it felt good knowing that today I can just relax, have fun and hang out with the people I love best!

Happy Saturday!



Mom said...

Wow! I'm super impressed. That was a week's worth of "to do's". And you forgot to mention- "talk to mom about care during surgery". You must have had some sort of mega motivation! Definitely a daughter after my own heart. (most days, ok some days)

I know you'll enjoy today knowing all is taken care of.

Love you Grace,


Anonymous said...

Go girl;) !! Love days like that where everything(most everything) gets done!!