Saturday, September 8, 2012

God's Timing: "...So Annoying!" :-)

Last night was a bit rough.  Johnathan got up around 3 and was wide awake, making pillow forts, tending to his "sick" stuffed animals and who knows what else.  He kept asking me to kiss his puppy, Popcorn, to feel his puppy's forehead to check if he was sick, etc.  It was sort of cute, but I was tired, so the cuteness only lasted so long.  Around 4ish Eli woke up too and was also as awake as could be.  Both boys are a bit sick and are having to take a couple different meds for their asthma symptoms which causes them to have a ton of crazy energy, so I blame their nighttime alertness on that. 

So to keep from an up and down, in and out of bed seesaw kind of night I grabbed up some bedding and headed to the boys' room to try to calm them down and also sleep a bit myself.  I made a bed on the floor to sleep on and snuggled with the boys a bit there before sending them to their respective beds.  

During our snuggle Johnathan and I were looking up at the stars and the moon that their nightlight projects onto the ceiling.  We found the big dipper and then Johnathan asked me if I wanted to make a wish.  I told him I wished that he could have a baby sister sometime soon...he has been asking and asking and asking for one lately, it's been pretty cute.  He replied to me..."Oh, you wish for a baby sister too!"  Sweet boy.  Then he added..."Why isn't God putting a baby sister in your belly yet.  It. Is. So. Annoying!"   Hahahahaha!  Oh my goodness, somebody isn't happy with God's timing!  I'm just happy that Johnathan wants a sibling, maybe, just maybe he'll get that sister he wants someday soon!

I just need God to put her in my belly!

Hope y'all have a happy Saturday.  I'll be tending to my sickies here...even the hubs has succumbed to whatever it is that's going around.  Hopefully this mama can stay well so at least somebody can care for this crazy crew!


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goatpod2 said...

Hope everyone feels better soon and maybe God will put that baby sister in your belly soon!