Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer's Last Hurrah!

Well summer is "officially over" with the closing of our beloved splash park for the season.  The boys and I have gone 2-3 times per week this entire summer, many times with our sweet Princess (aka Aunt Greta) and lots with Daddy on the weekends.  We definitely got our money's worth out of our summer membership...I'm guessing with all the times we went it was well under a dollar per person per visit!  Definitely a low-cost high-fun activity to do for all of us!  

With all the times we've been there you would think that I would have lots of pictures of our fun summer at the splash park...but no!  Chasing my little dudes around a water park doesn't provide many picture taking opportunities, so the other day when we were there I snapped a couple pics...when the boys were sitting down, eating their lunch...I knew once they were up and running I'd have no time for pictures!  So here are my sweet boys, enjoying their last hurrah at the splash park 'til it opens next year.   

We're getting excited for what this fall will bring for our family.  Lots of other fun, new experiences for my precious little dudes!

Happy almost Autumn!


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