Tuesday, March 12, 2013

3rd {Prenatal} Visit with September Baby

Last Thursday I had my 3rd prenatal visit with my OBGYN. Even though I wish I was able to have a pregnancy free of complications, I do enjoy the extra peeks inside my belly to see what baby is up to!  We were able to see our precious little baby.....

  .....this view is from the top of the head.  You can distinguish the head, left shoulder, arm and sweet little hand.  During tho sono my doctor was pointing out the baby's knuckles and toes and cute little legs.  Precious!  Baby's heart beat continues to be nice and strong as was beating away at 172 beats per minute at my visit.  ***fingers crossed for a GIRL!!!***wink***

Next Monday I'll have a sonogram done by a Perinatal Specialist to thoroughly check on all the baby's parts/organs/measurements.  Then about a week or so after that I'll have my cerclage.  I am so looking forward to getting that done and over with.  After that point I am almost a "normal" pregnant woman, haha, although I'll still have frequent visits and will get some other treatments done to help this pregnancy progress as long as possible.

So anyways, things are going well and we're very happy and excited about our little blessing.  September seems like it's right around the corner, and I'm looking forward to all the fun changes that will happening in our home before baby arrives.

Happy Tuesday!

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Gail said...

172 bpm? Well you just about HAVE to have a girl now! :) But whatever you have, he/she will be such a sweet blessing. ;) Glad to hear everything is going well!

Love you,