Sunday, March 24, 2013

Celebrating {10} Years!

Yesterday Aaron and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary!  Our actual anniversary was Friday, but yesterday was our big day to really celebrate it.  We had some good times, and had a much needed break from our sweet, but crazy little dudes.  ;-)  It's always fun to get to hang out alone and find out just how much we really still do have fun together!  Sometimes during the daily hustle and bustle it's hard to just enjoy each other, there are so many other commitments and distractions, so yesterday we had a blast!  And, I must say, for a pregnant lady yesterday couldn't have been any better...we made 7 stops during our day/night together, and 5 of them involved food, haha!  :-)  My belly was happy!

We first visited a sweet little gift shop/painting workshop and as soon as we entered there was a vendor asking if we'd like some samples...Um, yes please!  So I had some chips and salsa, some spicy crackers, some sweet and spicy pecans, a small cup of coffee and some chicken noodle soup!  That lady had no idea that she was dealing with a hungry pregnant momma when she asked!  Haha!  We did end up buying quite a few things from her stall so at least the samples really worked!  We browsed the store and there were so many cute ideas in that shop...we didn't make any purchases aside from the food, but I got a lot of good inspiration!

Then, the samples not quite being enough to satisfy my hungry belly, we headed over to a local specialty taco shop and I had THE BEST pulled pork taco EVER...YUMMY!  It was sooooo good...I think I'm craving another one right now!  It was so nice to be able to sit and talk to each other without having to talk over the boys or keep them from destroying things! :-)

After that we stopped by a little old-timey type candy shop to grab a few treats for the boys.  We found all sorts of unique gum balls, lego looking candy pieces and huge gummy frogs.  We were so excited for them to be able to see all their fun treats...even when we're away from our children we can't help but to think about them!  :-)

Then we went birthday shopping for Johnathan...that was fun!  Usually I am the one who does the b-day shopping so it was nice to have Aaron along with me and we were able to find him some pretty cool stuff!  (Can you believe our baby will be 5 next week?!!)

After birthday shopping we visited the most unique restaurant we've ever been to.  It was called Potager, and was a small, cottage looking restaurant with fresh herbs and lettuces planted all along the outside of it.  Inside an older (but not too old) woman was standing behind a counter cooking up various dishes.  She reminded me of a peasant in those old English movies by the way she was dressed.  She looked very warm and grandmotherly.  The philosophy of the restaurant was provide fresh, grass fed and free range food, to not waste anything and to pay for what you think the meal was worth.  They call the way they cook things/do things as "slow food"...which is pretty much the opposite of fast food.  It was pretty interesting.  The menu changes daily depending on what locally grown foods are available.  I had a broccoli and mushroom soup, "some kind of quiche" as they called was yummy with fresh green beans in it...and I had some fresh french bread.  Aaron had the quiche, some pork, fish and a fresh green salad.  They serve your portion right up at the front counter so you can let them know how much or how little you want.  Then, if you're still hungry you come back for more so you don't waste food you aren't going to actually eat.  They used all fabric linens (no paper napkins) and each table was set with a large glass carafe of water.  They had an assortment of dishes and glasses (no matchy-matchy stuff) and the whole atmosphere was very humble and low-key.  There was a man playing guitar, very quietly in the corner of the restaurant, which really set the mood.  After we finished eating we asked how to pay...this whole pay what you think it's worth concept was completely foreign to us. Aaron was handed a small envelope pouch and was told to just put whatever he thought the meal was worth inside and then to place it anonymously inside of a slotted old can.  They do provide you with some suggested prices, which was about $2.50 per serving of each regular sized item, so it was very reasonable.  We put what we thought our meal was worth (plus a little extra) inside the envelope and dropped it in the slot on our way out.  It was a pretty unique experience, and we can't wait to go back again to see what kind of food will be on the menu next time.

After that we just went by Lowe's to look at some stuff for our new house...oh yeah, I haven't told y'all about that yet!  Well, another post sometime soon!  And then we stopped by the grocery store for some dessert that we were going to eat after we got home and got the boys in bed.

It was a very fun day, and I can't wait for our next date...which I hope will be before our next anniversary, lol!

-----Thanks so much to Nana and Papi for coming over to watch the boys while we enjoyed our time together!  Y'all are awesome, and we appreciate you so much!-----

Today it's back to the regular grind with two little sick boys...poor babies.  Hopefully they feel better soon!



pinepod said...

Sounds like you had a fun time! My brother and sister-in-law just celebrated their 10th anniversary in February in India.


Gail said...

What a fun & relaxing day just enjoying one another!! Happy 10th Anniversary!!