Friday, April 5, 2013

15 Week Prenatal Visit!

Yesterday I had my 15 week appt (including followup appointment from having my cerclage surgery a couple of weeks ago).  Everything looked great and the baby is growing right on track.  :-)  I always love seeing our little September Baby, and I'm thankful for all the chances we get to peek in on our precious baby.  I'll be seeing my doctor every two weeks until I start with the weekly appointments later on in my pregnancy.  My Dr. is definitely making sure I get plenty of check-ups to look out for potential problems like I've had in the past.  I love that he is taking extra precautions with me, it makes me feel like I have the best care in the world!

Starting next week I begin getting weekly shots of progesterone to help prevent preterm labor.  I did this with Eli starting at about 20 weeks or so.  And, lucky me, Aaron gets to be the one administering the shots, lol!  I just hope he doesn't have too much fun getting to stick me every week!  {Please be kind, Dr. Aaron!}

I've also started to feel the baby move this past week.  I've been feeling a little movement for awhile, but this week it's been quite obvious that it's the baby...this is by far my favorite part of pregnancy!

Here we are at 15 weeks...fuzzy pic, but you get the idea!  :-)

15 weeks and counting!  Woohoo!


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Gail said...

Just precious Gracie. :) Feeling the baby kicks definitely makes it feel all the more real, right?

Love you & baby!