Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Sweet Johnathan!

Monday we celebrated Johnathan's 5th birthday!  Can you believe our little monkey is five years old???!!!  The past five years have just flown by, and try as I might I just can't keep my little dude from growing up...*sniff, sniff.*  I am enjoying seeing his little personality blossom though, and I love watching him learn and grow.
Cupcakes for breakfast...because birthdays are for special treats!

For his birthday morning we were able to get together with our weekly Monday playgroup and add in some birthday celebrating at the park.  I made up some cupcakes for all his little friends to enjoy (and their siblings too) and we had fun singing "Happy Birthday" to him and eating cupcakes in between playing at the park.  One of his friends and her little sister made him a cute birthday card which was very sweet of them to do!

More cupcakes!

After we got some bean burritos for lunch per Johnathan's request, and we also stopped by Sonic for some slushes...yum!  We went home and ate and then had a movie afternoon on the couch.  After a little bit of resting up Johnathan and I made his cake together.  Eli had fallen asleep during the movie so it was nice to have some one-on-one time with Johnathan while we baked together.

Blue Coconut Slush!

My big helper!

Worm cake!  Johnathan loved it!

When the cake was done mid-afternoon Aaron showed up, home a little early from work to be able to spend some extra time with the birthday boy.  We opened gifts and then went outside and had a water gun fight...Johnathan was really wanting "the biggest water gun in the whole world" for his birthday, and we were able to find him a pretty big holds about 70+ ounces of water and is about 6 pounds fully filled up!  He looked awesome trying to run around with that big ol' thing, pretty cute!

After having lots of fun outside and getting pretty soaked we got cleaned up and went out to eat at one of Johnathan's favorite restaurants...Flips Patio Grill.  It was such a lovely night and we were able to eat outside.  Both boys were in such great moods and it was probably the most enjoyable, fun meal we've ever had together as a family.  Johnathan was especially feeling great, and was cracking us up during our meal with the dance moves he was puttin' on to the music playing outside.  It was so fun to watch, he was such a free spirit and was truly enjoying life!  I don't think I'll ever forget that night as long as I live, it was pretty special.

When we got home after dinner we had some birthday cake and officially called it a very, happy birth-day.  It was the perfect day to celebrate our sweet, special boy.



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