Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Boy Pajamas!

In the last couple of weeks it had become apparent that Johnathan was outgrowing his "baby" footie pajamas. Plus the weather here was getting a tad too warm to wear them anyways. So, A week or so ago we made a trip to Kohl's---they were having a seems as if Kohl's is always having a "sale"...probably to trick people like me into coming in to shop...well, it worked! We came home with some really cute "big boy" pajamas!

Here is Johnathan after his bath this evening, watching his movie before bed so that I could go clean the kitchen. Doesn't he look adorable in his new jammies?!! They even glow in the dark! Pretty cool, huh?!! He is growing up way too fast, and although at times I wish I could pause time, I am enjoying watching him grow. Each day brings new discoveries, and it's so much fun when I'm able to watch him do something for the first time. Being a mommy is just awesome!!!

Hanging onto the side of his pack'n'play watching Shark Tale!
I'm a Star!!!
Sweetest little face in the world!


Anonymous said...

What a sweetie, love his new pajamas!

KellyW said...

I love the big boy jammies!! Ryan has a few pair now and he looks so grown up in them. I miss the footies!!