Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Johnathan!!!

What a day to celebrate! Johnathan's 1 year anniversary of life on this earth...not including the womb time! At 11:59 pm yesterday I went into his bedroom, and I watched him as he slept, so calm and peaceful looking. I wanted to be there when March gave way to April, and as the clock struck midnight, I was there with my sweet boy. Praying for him, thanking God for giving us such a wonderful gift, and praying for Johnathan's future. Praying that he comes to love the Creator who made him, and that he lives a life serving the Lord who gave him life...the Lord who is LIFE itself! It was such a precious moment to be able to pray over him exactly as his birthday arrived. Awesome! (I sense a tradition being formed!)

This morning, before any of the festivities started, Johnathan actually gave me a gift...he slept in, so I got to sleep in too!!! Oh, it felt so good to not have to climb out of bed until 8:45! As soon as we were up we did present time with Daddy. Aaron's working the night shift, so we had to fit in our birthday celebrating around his sleep schedule. Johnathan got after his presents "like a wolvorine" as Aaron says, and although he was surrounded with presents he still preferred to play with the boxes that they came in...isn't that just like a baby?!! After a while he realized that the gifts were cool too, but it's hard to beat those boxes, they're pretty neat!

While Aaron was home catching a few zzz's, Johnathan and I headed over to my Aunt Jennifer's home for a little preview of what was to come later on in the day. Since my aunt's family is such a huge part of our lives here, I figured that they would enjoy getting to see Johnathan eat his first bites of cake, so I made him some cupcakes especially for that reason. He sure did enjoy eating the cupcake, and my aunt, uncle and cousins had fun watching Johnathan make a mess of himself.

After having lots of fun at Aunt Jen's we came home. And after nap time, and once Aaron was up and at 'em, we started round two of the cake destroying...and this time Johnathan really did the 1st year birthday cake eating justice. He was covered, head to toe in icing, cake and coconut! He was quite a sight (as you will see in his pictures) and I had a blast watching him enjoy his first sugar overload! Yay for Sugar!!! Haha! I think I have a little sweet-tooth in the making!

Once Johnathan had sufficiently covered himself (and the floors) in yummy green goo, it was off to the bathtub...where even the water turned green! Yeah, I used a lot of green food coloring in his, um, I wouldn't be surprised if I see more green a little later on from Johnathan, if you know what I mean---and if you don't, well I'm not going to explain that here! Hehe!

After bath time we had to say good-bye to Daddy, who was off to work for another night. We are so grateful to him for all his hard work and dedication, but we do miss him when he's gone. He is a wonderful father and husband, and we're so thankful that he cares so well for our family.

Johnathan ended his birthday extravaganza by attending Kenny's baseball game. Johnathan loves being outside, and likes to clap when he sees everyone else clapping at the ball game. It's pretty cute. Kenny had a great game, and his team creamed the other team, 12-3!!! Kenny made several really good plays, had some great hits, and was all around fun to watch. Thanks Kenny for helping to make Johnathan's birthday fun!

As I write this, it is 9:15 pm. Exactly 1 year, 12 hours and 6 minutes after Johnathan's birth. Each and every second that has gone by since 9:09 am, April 1, 2008 has been filled with such joy and marvel at the wonderful gift God has blessed us with. Johnathan is the light of our world, and is a perfect depiction of God's love for us. Thank you Jesus for our sweet boy, and always keep him in Your care. We love you Johnathan! Happy 1st Birthday!!!

About to start ripping open his gifts...thank you everyone for my cool presents!
This card is funny! I'm a happy birthday boy!
Opening a gift from Grammy and Grandpa...thank you!!!
Hanging out with Dada, and opening some cool stuff!
Enjoying his birthday "special" plate yet, but that will come!
Taking a bite of my birthday cupcake. I like sugar!
Johnathan is turning into the Incredible Hulk!
Oooh! Yummy!!!
My attempt at a birthday's a caterpillar, just in case you couldn't tell! :)
Family birthday picture---one of those traditions I grew up with!
Now the real cake destroying is about to begin!
It's squishy! And goo-ey! And oh, so yummy!!!
It's better when you shove it in with your whole fist!
I didn't know you could eat grass!!! Sure is tasty!
Look at that mess!!!
What color is my tongue?!!
I love his green icing mustache and beard!
Happy Baby!
He's all worn out from so much cake destroying...or maybe he's just coming down from the sugar high! Haha!


Gail said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Johnathan! We love you and miss you!!! Have fun being 1 this year!

Hugs & smoochies,

Auntie Fay & Uncle Matthew

Mom said...

How fun to see and read all about Johnathan's birthday on the very day! I'm happy that he'll get to do this again here in Fairview. ( That is sometimes a family tradition, too- multiple birthday celebrations!!)

Love to you all and our very precious 1-year old!

Momma (Grammy)

Glenna said...

He looks so cute!!! I love my little nephew!!!! :) Auntie Glenna has a present for you for when we see you soon!!! Hope it was an amazing day, sounds like it was lots of fun! The cake is adorable Grace, you did a great job!

buscher3 said...

Oh my goodness! He was certainly a mess! And your cake turned out really cute!! It's so funny that some kids will just dive in. Zoe was one of those. But others are afraid to even touch it and will just burst into tears. We went to a party just about a week ago where that happened. Too funny!

Aldape family said...

Looks like Johnathan had a blast celebrating his first birthday! The cake you made is adorable. I love the thought of praying over him at midnight, that is just precious. How important it is that we as parents start praying for our children's slavation at even such a young age. We love y'all!