Friday, May 29, 2009

He is Bilingual! Haha!!!

For several weeks now, whenever I am talking to Johnathan---usually asking him a question---I will ask the question in both English and in Spanish. My Spanish is extremely limited (but I hope to change that soon) so most of my questions are fairly short...such as "do you want some water?" or "quieres agua?" Well, today, all of my dual questions paid off! I asked Johnathan if he was thirsty and if he wanted some water/agua...and he said "agua!" He kept repeating the word agua over and over, and I was sooo proud of him! Now I know for sure that I need to keep this bilingual habit up, and hopefully before long we'll both be speaking in both languages!

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Amy said...

How fun and neat! My sister-in-law who is from India and she speaks English and Tamil to her children which my 4 year old niece understands it but won't speak Tamil though, she speaks all English since my brother speaks English to them and her almost 4 month old son will know both languages too but my niece will use some Tamil words though.