Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Lil' Tot!

Johnathan is officially a walker! Although he will still crawl, depending on the circumstance or terrain, he now mainly prefers to walk to get to his destination. It is so incredibly adorable, and I have enjoyed so much watching the evolution if you will of his learning to walk. He is still a little wobbly on his feet, and is prone to fall down quite a bit, but he gets right up and starts again! Here is a picture that my dad took that captures some of Johnathan's first steps. I love how his little foot is up in the air...precious! Also, another thing that I love about this picture is Johnathan's hair. I was going to cut it when we were up in Dallas, but after thinking it over, I really couldn't bring myself to do it. I love how it curls up behind his ears when he gets a little sweaty, and I think that it makes him look still sort of like a baby...even though he is clearly growing up! We'll see when the shears make their appearance, but for now we'll keep his baby curls on his head where they belong!


Gail said...

Awww...the little guy looks all grown up! (I'm glad he's not yet!...he's only fooling us temporarily, right?). Love you, J!


Auntie Fay

KellyW said...

Yay for walking!! He looks so cute!

Amy said...

He's getting to be a big boy!

buscher3 said...

Whoa Mama, you're in for a nice change in pace now! You'll enjoy it though. ;-)