Monday, May 25, 2009

Safe & Delicious!

Yesterday I went grocery shopping at Sun Harvest, our local health food store. My main purpose for going there was to try to find some new "safe" foods for Johnathan to eat. With his extreme milk allergy I have had to be very aware of what is going into his little mouth, and as a result we have stuck to a pretty routine diet with him. Lately though, I have had the desire to expand what he can eat, and so I figured that a trip to Sun Harvest was in order. After browsing the aisles I discovered so many things that he will be able to eat...and I bought a lot of them! My favorite finds were the cheese and yogurt that they offered---both made with soy! They had so many yummy looking soy based foods, and I'm sure that in time we'll be trying most of them. I went ahead and bought some soy ice cream too so that Aaron can watch Johnathan enjoy it just like I did when Gwenny bought it for Baby J. when we were up in Dallas.

Here are the pictures that I got of Miles and Johnathan enjoying their treat from Gwen. Sadly, our camera broke before I could take any more, so you don't get to see the boys with their ice cream mustaches and beards that they ended up having. Here they are though, enjoying the cold-and-sticky-sweet-goodness of soy:

Johnathan got his ice cream cone first, but he didn't quite know what to do with it...Miles was looking on thinking..."just let me at it, and I'll show you how!"

See Johnathan, this is how you eat it!
Oh, and Johnathan, when you lick all the ice cream down,
you eat the cone and then there's more ice cream inside!


Anonymous said...

How fun and yummy, soy icecream is delicious, we buy it every once in awhile and we eat alot of soy butter here instead of peanut butter.

KellyW said...

I am so glad Johnathan can enjoy some good stuff now!!! I love his little ice cream cone.

Mom said...

Hi Gracie- it's so sweet to see both Johnathan and Miles together! They have lots of memories to make as 'oldest cousins'. Just seeing baby J's precious face makes me miss him all the more.

I'm so happy to hear of his expanding food selection. You are a terrific mother in all you do.

Loving you,


Anonymous said...

Gracie! I would have to agree with Mom...just a small view of that sweet face makes me miss Baby J. (& YOU!) right away. :(

Hey, is that soy ice cream good? Looks like chocolate. I'd love to try what would you recommend? Is it healthier? I would guess so.

Love you!