Monday, August 3, 2009

Decorating Do-Over Continued

Since my last post I have been brainstorming on ways to re-create my home to fit what I can now confidently say is my own style. And, in doing so, I have discovered a few things that I already had laying around my house that were just shouting to be used...and now that my ears have been opened to their cries, I have been able to display them properly. Poor things, they were hidden in my hope chest, but now they can grace my home with their loveliness!

My latest "creation" is the center piece for my dining room table. The table itself is fantastic. Our neighbors gave it to us since it was just sitting, unused, under a bed in their home. It is a beautiful dark-stained wood, solid as they come, with lovely carvings on the legs and has a sculpted top. Anyways, I did have a few things on the surface of the table to break up the expanse of shiny wood, but wasn't really happy with what the total package looked like. So, yesterday afternoon, after a brainstorming session, I came up with an idea that is still in the works, but what I have created so far is already making me smile! I was able to use some decorative jars that I had in the garage, some vintage recipes cards from my hope chest, some wine bottle corks, some tea light candles and a package of coffee beans. It might sound like an interesting combo, but I promise it works! I'll try to post pics when it's completed.

It's amazing what you can find around your house that can be totally transformed into something different than its original use. Or, perhaps there are things that you forgot even existed that can be used for their original purpose, and you just need a little reminder to use them. That's what I have been discovering the last couple of days. I went through my hope chest and found several "gems" that I am totally excited to use. The first thing is a set of antique/vintage recipe cards from my great-grandmother, Grace. They are now part of the ensemble that "grace" my dining room table, displayed in a glass jar. I found several recipes in her own hand writing, and one of the recipes that you can read through the jar is dated 11/02/1959...pretty cool!

I also found a set of vintage pillow cases that came from my great-grandma Norwood's home. They are simply lovely, with little birdies and flowers stitched on their edges. I totally forgot that I had these, and I can't wait to use them on our new bedding...which is another story...

...I am in love with JC Penney's online Outlet! I found some beautiful bedding...a quilt and 2 shams that totaled less than $60...with free shipping!!! Pretty amazing. They should be getting here later this week, and I have already designed some pillows that will be made out of some curtains that are going to be re-purposed for a new use! Also, I am in the works making a wall hanging to go over our bed that will be made out of an old cabinet might sound a little weird, but the design I have in my head is fool-proof! I can't wait to see it all put together. So far this past weekend has been a decorating success, and I only spent a little over 58 bucks and have gotten way more than that in return. I'm totally stoked!


Gail said...

Grace! I am totally excited about your new *discovery*! Isn't it fun to figure out your style? From there, you can feel good about how you decorate your home because it's truly "you". Yay! I am in the process of figuring out my style, too. Right now I'm calling it "vintage eclectic", but I'm not sure that's it exactly. That sort of sounds junky. I also have a love of french get an idea of that watch "Marie Antoinette" with Kirsten Dunst...but then again mixed with modern pieces, too. Anywho, I'm in process so maybe someday I'll have it figured out and be able to give it (whatever IT is) a name I'm content with! Keep the stories coming and good luck with the rest of your decorating! Your table centerpiece sounds awesome...send pics soon!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!



Aldape family said...

Pictures,Pictures! I am anxious to see pictures! Sounds fabulous. I love that these are not just Old things they are old things that mean something to the recipe card, that is so neat! Have fun.