Sunday, March 7, 2010

On the Mend...and the Biggest Strawberry I Have Ever Seen!

Well, it seems as if things are on the mend here on the home front. Johnathan has had a good night's rest the past two nights, thanks be to God, and thanks to the awesome effectiveness of his new cough meds. During the last week his appetite had been really low, probably due to his sore ear (makes swallowing harder) and also to his sore throat from all of his coughing. This morning, however, the old Johnathan was back...eating a whole banana, one and a half Belgian waffles w/ syrup, a strawberry...a very huge strawberry (see pics below)...and about 1/3 of my breakfast burrito that Aaron brought me! Oh, and a glass of jugo (juice) too! He is a big eater, and that was one of the biggest clues that he was not feeling well...during the middle of the week he actually skipped dinner one night, completely skipped it, which was a big warning sign me to me that things were not right. I guess he's making up for it today though, because he was ravenous at breakfast, and only stopped eating because I stopped giving food to him...I didn't want his belly to pop! ;)

Needless to say, I am quite thankful that thing are normalizing around here. Right now the house is peaceful...both of my boys are sleeping...Johnathan is still catching up on his sleep from being sick, and Aaron just got off of a 24 hour shift...a very crazy 24 hour shift with 20 admissions to the hospital! He is on ICU right now, and I can't even begin to explain how rough having to admit and follow 20 patients in intensive care is...crazy! He was so exhausted when he got home, but now the soft crescendo and decrescendo of his snoring is a peaceful and soothing sound because I know that he is getting some much needed rest.

In the midst of all of last week's craziness, I was able to complete a few projects that I am happy about. I will be posting them soon on my other blog, which you can check out by going here! For now though, this mama is going to go and catch up on some R&R while my boys sleep!



Gail said...

Oh my..that IS a big strawberry! Gotta love strawberries on steroids! :) And I'm glad to hear that Johnathan is feeling better. ;)

Love you!!!!


goatpod2 said...

That is a pretty big strawberry, glad J is feeling much better!


Alison said...

Goodness - that strawberry alone might have been enough to fill me up in the morning!

Is it a full moon? I've heard (and can testify to increase of babies on that day), that everyone sees an influx during full moons.

Grace said...

*Alison* I don't think that it was a full moon...just really busy, but I know what you're saying. I've heard that things get crazy full moon nights too!