Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why We Call Him Monkey

Earlier today I was talking to my sweet Mema, and during the course of our conversation she asked a question about Johnathan..."Why do you call him Monkey?"...and for those of you who might have wondered the same thing, here is how his nick name came about...

...see those sweet little fuzzy shoulders and back???
Yep, that's what started the nick name Monkey!

He reminded me of a little baby monkey, all furry and snuggled up, and even though his fuzz is all gone now the name Monkey sure isn't! In fact, the other day Johnathan saw a picture of himself and said "Monkey!" Looks like we're going to have to work on him with that one! We're trying to get him to say Johnathan, but Monkey seems to fit in a bit easier with his vocabulary at the moment, so Monkey it is!

So, sweet Mema, that's why his name, I mean nick name, is Monkey! I love you!



Gail said...

He was so cute all furry and snuggly as a baby....I gotta say...I kinda miss the little fur-ball! :-)


Auntie Fay

Anonymous said...

How sweet!


KellyW said...

That looks SO much like Ryan as an infant. He was all furry too!! He had hair everywhere. We started calling Ryan monkey too, because he is in love with all things banana!