Saturday, March 13, 2010

You Know You're a Mommy to a {Boy}Toddler When...

...You find yourself actually looking for bugs because you know that your little boy thinks that they're fascinating.

...You clap for yourself when you go #2 in the toilet because you're about to start some serious potty training and your son is watching and you want him to think that going poo in the toilet is cool! ;)

...You rarely wear perfume, but are almost always scented by smudges of oatmeal, or PB&J or whatever your son just had to eat when he decided during his meal that he needed a big hug so that he could get it all over you!

...Your days revolve around throwing and catching balls, playing baseball & basketball and generally involve some sort of sport activity at practically all times.

...You like the way your little boy smells when he wakes up from a good nap...a bit sweaty and like clean cotton...a wonderful little boy smell!

...You feel like a queen because you have a little prince who thinks that you're his world!

...You point out all the different colors of the cars that you see going by while you're stopped at a red light because your son is very much into "cahs" and wants you to draw them or play with them with him at home on a regular basis.

...You have to wrangle your little booger just to get him to bathe now...yes, all boy for sure! ;)

...You realize that the "prized possession" that your son just broke is just a material thing, and that almost everything can be patched up with super glue or duct tape.

...You enjoy sitting and watching his little movies with him if only to have a bit of snuggling time with your very active little guy.

...You melt when he wants you to kiss his owie to make it better...and are secretly pleased that your "big boy" still needs you to help comfort him.

...You make his favorite breakfast a few mornings in a row just so you can hear him laugh with excitement when he sees what he's getting to eat!

...You enjoy seeing him get a bit messy outside while playing with dirt, sticks and other naturally occurring stuff in the yard...all very boyish things that make you feel happy inside because you have a little boy who enjoys the outdoors and exploring the world around him.

...You are entirely worn out at the end of the day and look forward to going to sleep because you know that tomorrow will bring about a day just as wonderful as the one you just had...and all because you're the mommy to a little, precious, and nothin'-but-boy toddler!

Happy Weekend!


Gail said...

Your heart is so sweet Gracie. I love hearing how motherhood is through your writing. It makes me so happy and excited for the future! Johnathan is so blessed to have you as a Mommy.



KellyW said...

These are so cute! I am going to steal your idea and post a few of mine on my blog if you don't mind. This is such a great idea. I love having a boy!!

Janean said...

now that my son is an adult, i really miss those toddler days. he still treats me with tenderness b/c i deposited joy and love into his little heart just like you're doing.

yay for boys with great moms!

Anonymous said...

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