Friday, March 5, 2010

The Get Well Get Sick Tug of War

Well, it seems as if all of my get well wishes could not prevent my poor baby from getting sick...yet again! In the last month Johnathan has gone from having a double ear infection, to having RSV with a single ear infection in the left ear...and then just this past week when I thought all was well he started running a fever again and now has another single ear infection in the left ear with a cold and a nasty cough that started up last night...I bet he coughed every 15-20 minutes throughout the whole night, poor guy...and poor mommy...I am tired! ;) So, once again we're heading to his pediatrician...the pediatrician who we just saw earlier in the week and who I told "hope we don't see you 'til Johnathan's two year check-up!" Hopefully Monkey will get some relief from his cough, it is so hard to hear him coughing and to know that his little throat is hurting. He did not eat at all last night at dinner...a very first in his whole life...and this morning he is being extremely finicky with his breakfast and will not drink anything...not even the nice warm tea I made to help soothe his throat...oh, well, hopefully if he gets really thirsty he'll go ahead and take a few swallows.

In Belly Baby news, I had my check-up yesterday and there really isn't too much to report. Everything is going great, and my doctor is pleased with how things are progressing. I am going to have a C-section...Aaron and I discussed the option of possibly doing a VBAC...but after talking things over with my doctor yesterday, and finding out that he doesn't do VBACs we're going on with the C-section...which is just fine with me! I'll have my surgery scheduled sometime in the week proceeding my due date of June expect baby boy Aldape to be born sometime the week of the 20th of June! There was a bit of an eyebrow raise from my doctor concerning my weight gain...too many dang Doritos! I have to be careful about what I eat now...which I should have been doing earlier, but it is so hard to resist those pregnancy cravings!!!

Even with my sweet boy being a bit on the sick side, this week has been good. My grandmother came into town and I was able to spend some time with her, which was really nice. I also got to hang out a lot with my precious baby since he stayed home from "school" this week...this has been both fun and tiring! He is becoming an early riser, and 7:00am is "sleeping in" now, and nap times are getting shorter, usually an hour or so, which makes the days long, but good!

Hope that all of you have a great weekend!



Gail said...

So sorry to hear that J is sick and not feeling well. Poor little guy. It's always hard to hear little ones coughing and seeing them ache...their little bodies are so much more affected. I hope your visit to the doc goes well and that you stay well yourself! Drink lots of water and squeeze in those naps!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

Hope your little monkey gets to feeling better soon! Sorry, I left FB though.


Alison said...

Sounds like our house, indeed, even down to the tired mama and tired baby from not sleeping due to coughing. We went to the doc today too...both of them. Both have double ear infections. Both have probable sinus infections due to the fact that they've had the same junk for weeks on end with no relief. So we're on two antibiotics and will hopefully have two happy kids instead of two VERY VERY grumpy kids. Hope yours gets to feeling better.