Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Surrounded by My Boys

The last several nights Johnathan has been sleeping in our room in his pack'n'play. We're in a transitioning phase, moving him from his crib to his new big boy bed. Last night was his first time in the bed at night, but after only a few hours of trying it out it got a little too unfamiliar, and he just wasn't staying we moved him into our room where his pack'n'play was, and where he had slept the two previous nights as his room was in a state of upheaval as we took apart the crib, put the new headboard on the full-size bed in there, and put in a few child-proofing safety measures.

Anyways, as I was laying in bed I felt extremely blessed...laying to my right was my sweet husband, worn out from a hard day's work and resting my left was my precious boy, sleeping soundly from a good day's play...and moving around inside my womb was our little baby-love, tucked inside safely and securely and lulling me asleep with the knowledge that he was doing just fine and growing like little belly babies should. On the wall beside our bed were the reminders of the sweet babies we have waiting for us in Heaven, and looking at those images and seeing what I had to look forward to gave me a peaceful feeling. I had all of my precious boys around me...heck, even the dog was snoring on his rug on the floor beside our bed. It was wonderful, and I enjoyed being surrounded by my boys. I just love being a mommy to sons, and the wife to the most wonderful man on earth!


***Sidenote***I know that I've been quiet here on the blog lately, but that is not for lack of things going on around here. I'll try to catch y'all up to what we've been doing lately as time allows. And just for a quick preview, in the past weeks we've taken a trip to San Antonio to visit my mom, dad and sister, had a fantastic baby shower thrown for us, and have been busy in preparation for little baby brother...who, by the way, is going to be born in just about 5 weeks!!! June 11th is the date, and hopefully we'll be able to stick to it!


Gail said...

How very blessed you are!

Love you so much,


P.S. Can't wait to hear all about the baby shower!

KellyW said...

Isn't it awesome when we can sit back, relax, & be thankful for the small things in life. You are very blessed indeed!

goatpod2 said...

Pretty soon you'll be surrounded by 3 boys!

Take care and God bless you and your family,