Friday, December 30, 2011

I'll Be Home for {{{Christmas}}}

Christmas morning was great! Aaron and I stayed up fairly late Christmas Eve making sure everything looked magical for Christmas in the morning. We set out the "Santa" gifts, filled the stockings, made a trail for the boys' cars all over the living room and leading to their playroom with green frog tape (painters tape), and set up their spaceship from Nana and Papi in the playroom.

Since Johnathan and Eli are still pretty young they didn't really know what to expect for Christmas morning. The day started off as usual, with Johnathan sleepily walking in to our room, climbing in our bed and Eli wailing to be let out of his crib moments later. They wouldn't have even known it was Christmas morning if I hadn't told them! I know in years to come this will change, but it is sort of nice that they weren't expecting to go see what they got at the crack of dawn or anything. Very nice indeed!

Here is a sampling of our morning, Christmas 2011...

The calm before the storm.
Sleepy Monkey opening his stocking.
Eli was so wrapped up with what Johnathan got it took him forever to realize he had a stocking too!
Going for the candy, of course!
Look at those little cheeks, full of sugar!
Superhero Johnathan to the rescue!
Tearing into his gift..."Like a wolverine!"...(Aaron's phrase when it comes to opening presents!)
Sweet little snow baby!
Precious boy!
Johnathan loved opening his gifts!
Look at that sweet face!
Matching brothers!
The aftermath!

Happy New Year's Eve, Y'all!

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