Sunday, February 10, 2008

30 weeks, and looking fat...I mean fab!:)


Mom said...

Honey, you look absolutely adorable and full..... of baby!! What a cute incubator you are. We're very excited and prayerful as you go in to get your 4D sonogram and check-up today. It's hard to believe that we'll actually see a sweet little face. You are in the Best of Hands with our Jesus caring for you these last weeks of your pregnancy!

Talk to you after your appointment,


Steffi said...

Dear Grace!
Ahhh, you look great!!! Every day I come home from work I have to read what´s going on in Texas, Corpus Christi with the 3 Aldapes!!! I love your blogs!!No - actually I´m addicted to them ;-)!It must be so wonderful to feel your little baby growing inside of you...I admire you Grace! Yes I really do! You´re such a strong, nice and good person! I´m sure Jesus will guide you on each step you will take! I think of you a lot! And of course I miss you guys...
Much love from Germany!


Aldape family said...

You look amazing! We are anxiously awaiting pics of the ultrasound!

Jamye Aldape said...

You look GREAT!!! And......with red toes to match!! Way to go!!


greta said...

Oh, Gracie! That belly of yours is just getting bigger and bigger. You look so cute! :-) It's hard to believe that in just a couple months or less that boy will be on the other side of your tummy :-) I can't wait! I love you guys!


Gail said...

I'd say fab........definitely FAB!!! Love you Gracie!!!


Dad said...

Grace, you look absolutely flabulous!... er, I mean fabulous!... Just swell... er, not in the swollen sense, you understand... Just great!... of course, I mean "great" as in better than "good!"... oh, you get the idea... I THINK YOU LOOK TERRIFIC!!!

Love you, BIG TIME!... (as in a lot... I mean, a ton!... I mean, MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW!!!!)