Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nursery in Progress

I can't even begin to describe how much fun it has been to start setting up our baby's nursery. Thanks to Uncle Sam, we got a tax refund, and some of that money has really helped in the purchasing of some really sweet baby things for our little boy's room. Here are a few pictures that I took yesterday. Also, I've included a recent belly pic. Hope y'all enjoy!


Mom said...

Hi Grace,

We are definitely seeing some big "nesting" going on!! You are amazing! Your sweet touches are so evident all over his room. And doing all this as you are on bed rest. This little boy in sure in for a lot of lovin'!!

Your belly looks great, as in wonderful and just plain full.

We're all counting the days til we see you next week.

Have a blessed week,


Greta said...

oh Gracie,
I just love all of the stuff you've put up in the nursery! So cute!! I can't wait until next week when I'll get to see you again. That will be so much fun. Love you so much my sweet sister!


Glenna said...

Your belly looks awesome!!!!! That boy is getting big, isn't he? The nursery is looking great too! Looking forward to seeing you next week! Love you!

Vanessa said...

your bally is SOO cute!! I am SOO happy for you! You and Aron deserve this more than many people in the world right now! Nursery looks great and your bally is so cute! I will email you in a little bit with raffle ticket info.

Dad said...


Love the pics... especially the belly shot. I'm just glad you passed me up with a poochier paunch!

Give the little guy a loving pat from his Grandpa!

Love you BIG TIME!