Friday, February 15, 2008

Perfectly Posed!


Glenna said...

Look at those chubby cheeks! How cute!!!!! He looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!! - Glenna

Anonymous said...

I´m speechless...!!!


Greta said...

Oh Grace these pictures are just adorable!! It's crazy you can see what he looks like. This just makes me even more anxious to see him!! I love you all.


Aldape family said...

I am crying!!! AMAZING!!God is soooo good. He is beautiful..each and every part of him! It looks like he has a head full of hair. We can't wait for the big day! Love you all!

Gwen said...

You were right, Gracie. His cheeks are so cute and chubby. What a precious little face he has. You'll love those little hands of his when he wants to grab at your hair, touch your face, or lay them on your chest.

Good talking to you today!

Love you, Gwen

Vanessa said...

what awesome pics! He's beautiful!! I am so happy for you guys!!