Monday, February 18, 2008

31 Weeks = Only 6 Weeks Left! Yikes!

The final countdown is really about to begin. I am 31 weeks along now, and in only 6 weeks my doctor is removing my cerclage. Depending on how strong my cervix is, I could have this baby in as little as a month and a half! Oh my goodness, that's soon! Wow!

Baby is doing well, moving a lot and growing a lot too. He's about 3.5 pounds and 17 or so inches tall. For the next several weeks he should grow approx. 1/2 lbs per week! Man, no wonder I've been so hungry lately. It's gotten to be where I have to have a little snack pretty much every hour, or I feel like I'm just starving. I have started to eat a little bit more double batches of oatmeal cookies!:) Aaron bought me some fresh strawberries, salad greens and some yummy poppyseed dressing. I throw it all together and it makes for a refreshing and tasty snack.

Here are some pics that were taken on Valentine's. Aaron had just finished making us a wonderful meal of chicken parmesan, fried ravioli and angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce. It was delish, and the mess that was made was well worth it! Love y'all!


Glenna said...

Hey Grace! That picture of you and Aaron has to be one of my all time favorites of you being a preggie, your belly is so big!!!!!!!! Sounds like you had a really great Valentine's day, the pictures are beautiful! Only 6 more weeks!!!!! Yippee that's so exciting!! It's seems like it's gone by pretty fast, but probably not for you with being on bedrest. I love you!

Aldape family said...

Look at that cute belly! I love it!!! Looks like y'all had a great valentines day!! I can't believe how fast things are moving!! We can't wait to meet this precious boy. We already love him so much!

Mom said...

It looks like Aaron is giving you the "lift" you needed at the moment. Sounds like he has been coming through in a lot of areas. I'm looking forward to coming down in a few weeks and giving him a bit of a break. ( Aaron, you won't have to do a dish while I'm there!)

We are seeing your sweet baby grow before our very eyes. Grace, you are precious and I'm looking forward to feeling him kick and move around.

Much love from all of us up here,


GLO said...

i love your big fat belly Grace! looks so cute! (that food looks pretty good Aaron!-good job!)

Jamye Aldape said...

A nice picture of you both. Looks like you both had a nice Valentine's. Aaron has always been a good cook. Time is flying.....six weeks left. Wow....we can't wait. Take care.

Gail said...

Dear Gracie,
Seeing your belly and knowing how much you've changed (and baby) since I saw you in November makes me miss you terribly! You look so cute! don't look bad yourself. Just think....a little over a month and you'll be holding up something else than just Grace's belly! Love you both soooo much! Happy LOVE month!!!



Dad said...

Hi Grace!

I think Aaron may have missed his calling... as a gourmet chef! That Valentine's dinner looks like pure culinary artistry! No wonder little Aaronaldo is piling on the pounds! (Overheard deep inside the baby oven... "Oh boy, YES!, more fried ravioli! Daddy, you da man!")

Love you all,


Kristi said...

Hi Grace! I love your blog! What sweet memories you're recording and sharing with us all. I'm so excited for you and Aaron! I want to get our boys together one day! Take care! Love you! Kristi