Sunday, January 11, 2009

Babyaholics Anonymous

Hello, my name is Grace. It has been one night since I last slept in the same room as my son. I am a babyaholic.

Okay, so I did not make it two nights in a row sleeping apart from Johnathan. Despite the positive outlook that I started with yesterday, the desire to sleep in his room again was just too hard to resist...especially when Aaron was the one who asked me right before bed "do you want to sleep in his room again tonight?" Maybe this whole giving up of our room sharing was harder on more than just me! There is however a reason as to why Aaron asked that question. I know, I know. You're thinking that denial is one of the first signs of an addiction, but let me explain!

Last night we attended a birthday party for a few of the residents at Aaron's hospital. It was a casino themed party, and a local game company came out for the event. The party started around 8 and we were going to just stop by for a little while to say our hellos, talk to the birthday girls, etc. When we got there they had a caricature artist set up to do portraits, so Johnathan and I had ours drawn...see pic's so cute! Aaron started to play at the Craps table, and by the end of the night he was the big winner! He came out with several thousand dollars worth of coins...all "play money" of course, but he did get some pretty cool prizes.

Anyways, to the whole point of Aaron's question. He figured that after being out later than expected that it would be easier on Johnathan and me if we were in the same room. Johnathan has been consistently waking up 3 times per night to nurse for I don't know how long. So, Aaron didn't want me having to trek across the hallway (albeit a very short hallway) to go get our little Monkey when he needed to eat. How thoughtful of him! Of course as soon as he posed the question I said "okay" in about 0.5 seconds. So you can see that I have not completely given up my room sharing tendencies. Oh well, old habits die hard!


Glenna said...

What a cute little picture of you and Baby J. Haha Grace, you're so funny, you and your baby-aholic ways. :)

Love you!

Amy said...

That's a good drawing of the two of you!

Cheree said...

You’re doing better than me! Caedyn’s almost 18 months and she still sleeps in our bed. She still nurses between 1-3 times per night too!
It’ll be harder for me than her when it’s “time” for her to move to her room. . . . whenever it is that time comes . . .