Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Baby is Brilliant!

I may be a bit biased, but Johnathan is really showing signs of extreme intelligence these days! (I might be stretching that just a tad!) Maybe he is just doing "normal" baby things, but I still think he's a smartie-pants! Here are just a few signs of his baby genius:

1) When handed his hair brush he tries to brush his hair, and will pat himself on the head with the brush.

2) After waking up from sleep, I tell him to "put your paci to bed" and he will drop his pacifier into his bed. Then we wave bye-bye to the paci, and tell it goodnight. (We have been trying to wean him slowly from the pacifier, so I was surprised that he caught on so quickly to letting it go, and keeping it in his crib until nap time).

3) I will walk out to the mailbox with him, while he's holding the outgoing mail, and when I open the box he will put the mail inside.

4) After I take off his shirt, he will grab it and try to put it on top of his head to get it back on.

There are a lot of little things that we work on throughout the day, just little things to teach him about every day life. I talk to him all the time, and I will explain to him what I'm doing...whether it's changing out the laundry, putting up the dishes, making his dinner, dressing him or changing him, etc. I'm always talking! Maybe he is actually catching on to some of these things that I'm teaching him...which means that I really need to watch it! Obviously he is paying attention to me, so I need to be the best example possible for him to learn from! :)

Johnathan has continued to pass his developmental milestones. Just in the last couple of days he has started to cruise along the couch. Before long I suppose he'll be walking! I can't believe how quick he is learning everything. He is really starting to phase out of babyhood and enter toddler-ville. *sniff, sniff* At least I can look at it this way, pretty soon he'll be able to take out the trash...something his daddy is apt to forget!

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Grandpa said...

Obviously, Johnathan's incredible gene pool is doing its intended work... expanding like yeast... flourishing in his system... much to his grandpa's delight!! Atta boy!