Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm Climbing!

This week Johnathan has learned to crawl on all fours, pull up onto things and to climb! The funny thing is that he's been sick since last Wednesday, but even through that hurdle he has really tackled these developmental milestones with gusto! I no longer have a calm little baby who is content to stay in one place, oh no, he is a baby on the go now! Life has suddenly gotten a lot busier with me chasing my sweet little rug-rat all over the floor. He is fascinated with every little thing...especially the "forbidden" things like power cords, Aaron's laptop, my cell phone (as you can see from the picture), the fireplace and the list could go on and on! It is so exciting to watch him learn and grow. I absolutely love it!


Gail said...

I see little Johnathan has been eating some carrots or some other orange foods! (second picture from bottom). Reminds me of Greta at that age...her nose would turn bright orange when Mom fed her was so cute! Love you Little J!

-Auntie Fay

Amy said...

Too sweet, my brother was a climber too, one time my Mom found him on top of the fridge, LOL and now they're waiting on their 2nd child ( a boy ) to enter the world now which will be any moment now though! He's like "What Mom, I need to make a call!"

Glenna said...

His nose is looking so orange! Must love those sweet potatoes and carrots! Way to go Johnathan, good job!