Saturday, January 31, 2009

Politically Incorrect Toy!

You don't expect to win Miss America first thing in the morning, but you also don't expect a toy to insult you either...

When I woke up (early) this morning, I was looking way less than attractive. I had baggy eyes, mascara flecks all underneath them since I hadn't washed my face the night before. I was wearing totally mismatched pj's since all my matching ones were in the dirty clothes, thrown in there after being covered with J's snot, drool, and who knows what else. I was definitely not pageant queen quality, but hey, it was 7:00 am and I really didn't care that much.

Anyways, I plopped Johnathan in his pack 'n' play and decided to sit a spell on the couch to sort of ease into the day..."MOO, COW!" As soon as I sat down, unknowingly on one of J's toys, it decided to insult me! Haha! I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it, but I guess I was already on edge about feeling a bit frumpy, and the talking toy summed it up!

This afternoon I got dressed up (jeans, t-shirt, and some make-up!) and Johnathan and I headed out to the mall. I bought a couple of cute shirts (75% clearance sale!), and one of these days when I'm not covered in baby goo, I'm going to really get dolled up and give Miss America a run for her money! Haha! That'll be the day! :)

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