Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Week in the Life of Johnathan

This week has been filled with many things that are quite common in a baby's life. Playing with doggies, bath-time fun, hide & seek and snuggling with Dada after a long day's play. Common or not, it is these ordinary moments that make my life a joy to live. Each day, no matter how routine, is a day that I look forward to waking up to. This morning for example, Johnathan was eating his bananas by sucking them up directly from the tray on his high chair. They were just a little too slippery to pick up with his fingers, so he improvised and came up with a solution to get those yummy little bites into his mouth. He would face-plant onto his tray, suck with all his might, and then come up victorious, banana in mouth and smeared all over his forehead! Too precious, and just another reason that I love my life as his mommy. Here are a few snapshots into Johnathan's life this past week:


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Glenna said...

Aww I love the pictures! Johnny looks so tan in the one with Aaron sleeping, how cute! And I love how he's petting Rascal too, what a sweetie!