Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enjoying Summer

The last several weeks have been very busy here. First off, a couple of weeks ago we had some visitors...Auntie Gaily and Uncle Gaffin paid us a visit! Yay! We had a good couple of days with them, did a few uniquely "Corpus" outings...the Aquarium, the beach and Gatherings (the cutest little gift shop ever!). It was wonderful, and as always we totally loved spending time with some of our dear family! We love you, Gail and Matthew!

Then, during Gail and Matt's visit I got the news that we were going to have some more visitors!!! Yay! Gwen (and baby in tummy), Matt and Miles headed down south to enjoy some of the Corpus Christi charm...and to see us, of course! We did another round of CC, saw the Aquarium, went to the beach, and although we didn't hit Gatherings again, we did manage to visit a park or two...boys and parks, they go hand in hand! Gwen captured a lot of our 4+ days together on camera...ours is still broken, thus the absent pics from Gail and Matt's visit...and I think that you'll be able to see just what a wonderful time we all had. We love you guys!!!

Me, Gwen and the Boys at the Aquarium!
Johnathan staring at the dolphins swimming.
Miles and Johnathan...that orange ball was a favorite toy to play with and share!
Playing in the sand!
Building a sand castle with Mommy!
Miles eating his "snack"...a cookie! Must be nice to be on vacation!
Johnathan also enjoying his snack!
The men, grilling up some dogs!
Miles, racing to catch a wave!
Johnathan was NOT afraid of the all!
Feet in Sand!
Cute little guy!
Sweet cousins!
I love his teeth in this one! CUTE!!!

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Amy said...

How fun, I saw these pictures on Facebook!