Friday, June 26, 2009


Lately I've noticed that Johnathan really likes to "talk" on the phone. Whenever my cell phone is within reach, or whenever he sees his little telephone, he will pick it up (flip it open if it's my phone) and say "Hi!" He then proceeds to have a little conversation and then ends with "Bye-bye." It is absolutely adorable, and some more proof that he is indeed watching what I do and copying it! I guess I need to stay on top of my game so that he has a good example! Haha!

On a not-so-happy note, Johnathan currently has an ear-infection...his his left ear. We caught it pretty early on though, so he seems to be doing okay after a few days on his antibiotics. I hate to have him sick, for whatever reason, and I will be glad once he is feeling all better again.

Today is the graduation ceremony for the doctors at Aaron's hospital who have completed their 3 years of residency. In only 2 short years Aaron will join them in the ranks of "real doctors!" For now though, he is a second year resident...or an upper-level as they are sometimes called! Woohoo!!!


Mom said...

Hi Honey,

I hope Johnathan's ear infection is getting better by now. No fun! Have you gotten any extra cuddle time with him or is he just full steam ahead?

I can just picture him talking on the phone and I imagine his verbal skills growing by the day. Isn't child development fascinating and marvelous!

Give our huge congrats to Aaron for a great 1st year of residency!! We are tremendously proud of him and you ( who have stood by him).

You all are very loved. Lots of hugs and kisses for all,


Amy said...

Too cute and poor baby boy!