Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wearing Off

When Aaron first started his residency over a year ago he was given a pager. The first time that he got paged while at home I sort of thought it was cool...I got to hear him speak his "doctor talk" to the nurse who paged him, telling her what needed to be done with the patient in question. Well, now that we're a year down the road, the "cool factor" is definitely wearing off. Whenever I hear that pager buzzing I just want to chuck it out the window sometimes. It almost always goes off when Aaron and I are trying to catch up after he's just returned from another long days work. Mid-sentence that thing will go off, *buzz, buzz, buzz*, and I don't wait around to hear the doctor talk, because I know what it sounds like by now. Our conversation, which a lot of times has barely started usually gets forgotten, and my growing annoyance with that dang pager keeps being fueled. I think that patience is a virtue that I definitely need to work on since I'm pretty sure that Aaron will have a pager attached to his hip, or at least in the vicinity, for years to come. Cool, huh? Not so much!

*Okay, done with my venting, I'm good to go!*


Amy said...

It's not so good when it goes off when trying to have a conversation but such is life of a doctor though, my Dad's office girl's call him every once in awhile about a patient and it's usually on his days off since he's semi-retired now and only works one day a week right now!

The Allen Family said...

I am so glad to have found your blog! This post makes me laugh because we are starting the doctor talk and I always listen to him call back. Johnathon is so cute! Maybe one day he and Addy can play together!