Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Window to the Soul

I'm sure I'm not the first one to say this, nor the last that will feel it, but I truly believe that music is the window to the soul. It evokes so many emotions and feelings, brings back long-forgotten memories, and can provide a perk to pick you up when you're feeling down. It allows us to communicate our feelings with each other, and to give praise to the ONE who created us to enjoy one of life's biggest joys---music!

It is somewhat mysterious how one medium can cause so many differing emotions. Lately I have been listening to the Anna and the King Soundtrack. I purchased it via, and as soon as I hit that "Place Order" button I started to actually crave listening to the music...I almost went to the store to purchase the CD before the one I ordered got here, that's how much I wanted to listen to it. I got it on Monday, and have listened to the whole CD multiple times since. It has provided something that I think that I have been needing for a while. Time to reflect on how I'm doing emotionally. And, upon reflection, I guess I'm doing least I'm doing "normal" for me. There are bits of happiness, love and even a little bit of sadness that I've found in myself, yet overall there is an extreme sense of thankfulness that I feel for all that God has blessed me with. Anyways, I love music, love what it does to me when I'm surrounded by it, and I love enjoying one of life's simple pleasures!

Here are some of my music favorites right now:
-Anna and the King Soundtrack, especially the "Execution" song, track 15 I think
-Grace, a song that I'm learning to play on the piano right now, it is simply beautiful
-East to West, from Casting Crowns' album The Altar and the Door, I pretty much love anything by Casting Crowns, their music really makes me think about how I'm living the Christian life

Well, those were just my thoughts today about music. Now it's time to go work on some of that thankfulness that I'm feeling, and go enjoy taking care of the precious baby that God has blessed me with!


Anonymous said...

I searched all over for the "Anna and the King" soundtrack after the movie came out. It is very emotional music. "The Execution" song is my favorite, too.

Hoping that it works out to see y'all next week!!!

Have fun with G & M.


Anonymous said...


I to love what music does for the soul. Because that is what I teach a love for music to all my little bitties at school. Music uses both sides of the brain and that is why it cause such a dramatic affect on people. Music can heal so many different areas of the body and soul.

I love to read your blog. It always encourages me to seek God more in my everyday little things! Thank you for sharing your faith through your words.

Keep singing,