Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mrs. Fix-it!

We all know that moms wear many hats---mommy, wife, cook, maid, personal finance manager, and the list could go on...and on...and on...and on! Okay, you get the point, we do a lot! Well today I played the role of plumber! Let me explain... I was feeding Johnathan his lunch, I heard what sounded like an explosion---coming from his you-know-where. Aah, just another day in the life of me! Haha! After he finished eating I prepared to get him out and change his dirty diaper...and that's when I saw it...brown ooze dripping down the front of his high-chair, and upon further investigation I could see it oozing all the way up the back of his shirt! YUCK! I ran to the bathroom and got the water going, and then carefully carried my dirty little Monkey into the tub...I plopped him in, clothes and all. Little bits of yuck started floating in the water, and as I un-clothed Johnathan and tried to rinse off the nastiness and wash it down the drain I discovered we had a problem...a slow, very slow drain. I had noticed this in the past day or so, but didn't really think about it until it was too late! After several attempts to clean out the tub I was somewhat successful. And, after drying off Baby J. and sticking him in his Pack'n'Play to play for a while, I put on my "plumber's hat" (no crack involved) and got to work.

Several weeks ago I played this same role. Only that time it was a whole lot easier to play. I went out to Home Depot and bought a drain auger...a nice little instrument that is very handy in cleaning out some of the gunk that accumulates in old drains and pipes and slows them down. It was a nice, quick job---20 minutes, drain all cleaned and parts put back in place. I thought that today's job would be easy too...and it would have been if an old piece of pipe hadn't fallen off of the back-side of the tub and down into the abyss otherwise known as the space between our house and the ground underneath! What to do???!!! Well, as any smart-thinking-quick-on-her-feet woman would do I went fishing...hanger duct-taped to an old curtain rod fishing! I peeked through the opening from Johnathan's closet to the space beneath the tub, and I fished! And it worked, first time too!

After I "fished" the needed pipe off of the ground I went about screwing back together the pieces that I had taken apart. It was a frustrating time, but I sort of felt good knowing that I had accomplished a "manly" task all by myself. I'm not quite sure if I have totally fixed the slow-drain for good or not, but for now the tub is clean and I'm feeling quite smug about being a Mrs. Fix-it!

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Gail said...

Way to go Gracie! I'm very proud of you! I don't know that I would have been up to the challenge...but good job being Mrs. Fix It!