Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have a serious addiction problem---my "drug of choice"---candles! And not the unscented kind either, no, no, the kind that trick your senses into thinking that there just must be a freshly baked apple pie somewhere nearby. Oh, yes, that kind. To me an unscented candle is like flavorless food---utterly useless and completely pointless! I like authentic scents though, and prefer to stay away from candles that smell really artificial.

To say that my addiction has gone overboard is probably an understatement. I used to just light a candle after a room was cleaned up---my own personal reward and the sign of a job well done. But, I realized that after I would clean up a room & then spark the flame rewarding my success, I would usually leave the room to conquer another area of the house---and I missed out on being able to enjoy the use of my sense of smell during the clean-up process. So, now I just light them whenever I please...and it's usually one of the first things I do in the morning. My morning coffee & candles are two things I can hardly live without these days.

Some people like the change the decor of their homes according to the seasons. I however like to change up the scent of my little nest. I found some candles that fit the bill quite nicely as summer is turning into fall---Mulled Cider---oh how it makes me want to jump into a pile of leaves or go visit a pumpkin's the perfect Autumn scent. I love to walk through our home and smell the essence of fall as it wafts from room to room. It truly relaxes me, and makes even the most mundane chores enjoyable.

Thank you God for the sense of smell! I am totally taking advantage of it!


goatpod2 said...

I like certain scented candles too but we can't have too many scents here though since it triggers my Mom's asthma though.


Gail said...

LOVE it! I can just see you grinning from ear to ear when doing your chores and smelling the delicious candle scents....isn't it funny how one little thing of seemingly no significance can change our moods and make us smile?

Here's to "pretty" smells!