Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sneezing Peas!

Lately Johnathan has had a fascination with sticking things up his nose, in his ears, and I even caught him trying to shove some peas into the corners of his eyes! A few days ago he was eating lunch, and I thought that I had been watching him pretty diligently. I had thwarted several of his attempts at sticking his veggies up his nose, and as he finished eating I was relieved that we had made it through the meal without any food ending up where it didn't belong...or so I thought. As I prepared to clean Johnathan up from his meal, he started to sneeze and sneeze. And, after about 5 or so really hard sneezes, out popped a pea from his nose! I was mortified! I cleaned him up, and as I went to rinse off the wash cloth Johnathan started to sneeze again---this time a carrot chunk flew out! So much for my hawk-eyes watching him. Now I make a point to sit down right beside him and watch where every piece of food goes! He still tries to make a move when he thinks I'm not watching...yesterday a noodle almost went up right before my very eyes, but I managed to pull it out before the whole thing ended up in his nasal cavity. So, if you have any ideas on getting my little guy to stop shoving food into places other than his mouth, please help me! Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! ;)


Anonymous said...

He sounds like my sister, she stuck sunflower seeds up her nose one time and my Dad is an Orthodontist so he took his suction and sucked it out and she rolled up wads of paper too.


Gail said...

I know it's not the greatest to have him sticking stuff up his nose, but on the other hand it does sound incredibly cute! I can just see his little face mischievously trying to poke a pea or two in. Haha! Sneaky little Johnathan! :)

Love you,


Alison said...

Haha - sorry girl, no advice. Zoe hasn't ventured out in doing that yet...that's hilarious!

Ruby Moon Designs said...

Thanks for the help y'all...or at least your comments! We'll see how this pea-stuffing turns out!