Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Belly Baby Update & Some Pics of our "Baby J"

Last Friday I had another dr's appt. to check up on our little "belly baby"...all went well, and we were even able to hear the baby's heartbeat! It was such a sweet sound and as always I am so amazed at modern technology that allows us to see (or in this case hear) what's going on with our little one. I will have to have the same surgery done that I did with Johnathan, and that is scheduled for the 29th. Pray for things to go well!

Friday evening was the annual Resident's Christmas party which was held at the Aquarium like it was last year. Johnathan has really been into fish lately---thanks to watching Finding Nemo about a hundred times!---so of course he really enjoyed being able to go with us. He loved just running around and of course climbing over anything and everything that seemed to be an obstacle!

Saturday was my cousin Arden's 13th birthday, and Johnathan and I went with her when she got her ears pierced. It brought back memories for me...although they were of when I pierced my sister Glenna's ears...boy, was that a night to remember! Haha! I will just say that Glenna was a trooper!

Things here around the hive are going pretty well. I have been what I call "lazy but productive!" As I folded laundry a day or so ago I realized that all of my PJ's were in there but I only folded a few shirts of mine and a couple of pairs of jeans...and that's only because I went shopping for some maternity clothes that I washed! I have been living in my pajamas lately...mostly because they're comfy and I have spent pretty much all my free time making Christmas gifts! It has been so rainy here that we haven't gotten out of the house much, so I stay here at the house, comfortable in my pj's and getting stuff done in our cozy little home! ;)

Here are some pics to tide you over until my next post! Blessings on this happy Wednesday!


For all of you PSYCH watchers, this is Johnathan's "Burton Guster" outfit! Doesn't he look just like Gus?!
Getting ready to climb!
Those railings were like a jungle gym for him, he just climbed and climbed constantly for at least 30 minutes!
Precious boy!
Mommy & Daddy at the party...and you can sort of see the "baby bump" that showed up a couple of weeks ago!
Sweet Arden and Johnathan!
Me with the sweetest girl in town!


Gail said...

This post makes me realize how much I love and miss you.....I love you, Gracie....your family....your baby.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, Johnathan looks just like Gus-except for the height issue and skin color;) Love the outfit though. It is very Gus like. Your baby bump is so cute!! Can't wait to see you all in little over a week!


Kayla said...

Thanks for the new pics! It always brightens my day to see the cutest little boy in the whole world! ...And you did bump out there!!So cute!

Anonymous said...

I saw the pictures on FB glad things are going well with your little one.