Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is he saying these days? (Take 2)

(For any of you that got the blog e-mail yesterday, I accidentally sent it before I was finished! Here is take 2!)

A few days ago my uncle asked if Johnathan was talking yet, to which I replied yes and gave him a few words for example. Anyways, I want to try to write down the words that are in Johnathan's vocabulary now...well, at least the ones that he uses on a frequent-usually daily-basis. So, what is he saying these days?

-More (a favorite word!)
-Please (he already knows it's the "magic" word and he tries it out anytime we say he can't have/do something..."pease" doesn't always work, but it sure is super cute when he tries!
-Thank You
-Jugo (juice)
-Chupi (our nickname for pacifiers)
-Rascal (our cousins' dog)
-Arden (my cousin)
-Noggin' (like on Finding Nemo)
-Hermie (this is what he calls all movies---since a lot of his movies are called Hermie & Friends...)
-I love you...he's only said this once though!
-No...thankfully this isn't a frequent word right now!

That's all that I can think of off the top of my head. We are really able to communicate with him more and more these days. He is getting pretty good at figuring out what we're saying to him too...although he still is quite independent and likes to do things his own way a lot of the time! We're working on the disciplining thing though, and time-outs and spankings are becoming a frequent part of our days! "Spare the rod, spoil the child"...not in our house, uh-uh! No sirree! ;)

In other "news", I had another roach incident today. It doesn't quite top my "original" roach nightmare which you can read here, but it was pretty traumatizing to me...and to Johnathan who looked on with utter horror!

~~~Johnathan and I had just settled down onto the couch after eating a tasty breakfast to enjoy a little mommy and son time watching Toy Story. Monkey was all snuggled up on my lap, and I was cherishing the time I had being just me and him. For some reason I looked down over the edge of the couch (I'm sure I sensed something!) and saw a big roach crawling up my leg on my pj's!!! I was up off the couch in a jiffy, flapping my pant leg and screaming bloody murder! Somehow I managed to deposit Johnathan on the floor without completely throwing him off of me and since the roach decided not to jump off my pants I had to resort to other measures to make sure it didn't "get" me. Screaming and flailing like a maniac I did the quickest strip search on myself possible. After I was convinced the roach was no longer on my person I gingerly put back on my pajamas and joined Aaron...who had run into the room, convinced Johnathan had died from the sound of my screams...and helped him hunt down the convicted trespasser! We turned the room upside down, literally, and after 10 minutes or so I found the bug next to the pack 'n' play...what a relief! I sucked that little sucker into my handy dandy vacuum and then went to pick up Johnathan who was more than confused and terrified by this point. You should have seen the look on his face after I had my there-was-just-a-roach-on-me panic attack. The little chin quiver that he did as he tried hard not to cry was just heartbreaking! All is well now though, and hopefully I've had my share of roach personal space invasions!~~~

Okay folks, I'm off! I'm sure I'll be back soon with more stories of our fun (sometimes dramatic) life here in the hive!



Mommyof2girlz said...

Thanks for stopping by today it was nice to meet you. Love your blog layout, so cute! Have a wonderful holiday season :)

Ivy said...

ha ha! So funny! But what really suprised me was that you put those pajamas back on! :-)