Thursday, December 31, 2009

Belly Baby Diary 12/31/09

Dear Belly Baby,

Today you are 14 and a half weeks my tummy...and I think that I've been feeling you kick around. According to our last doctor's visit earlier this week you are about 4 ounces! Woohoo, what a chunk! ;) Oh, and you have a big head! Haha! Just like big brother! You should be around 3-4 inches from the top of your itty (big) bitty head to the bottom of your little heiny. And we can already tell that you have a cute face. Your little face on the sonogram was just beautiful. And man, were you moving around during the sono...another reason why I am almost positive it's you that I'm feeling and not gas bubbles! ;)

I am trying to take it easy today since I am still recovering from the procedure I had to keep you in my belly---but with big brother running around it is sort of hard to stay off of my feet! Your big brother sure has a ton of energy! ;)

Tomorrow is another new year, and the year that you'll be born! Time has already flown by since we found out that you were on the way, and I get more excited the closer each day gets to the day of your birth!

Bye-bye for now, little one. Mommy loves you!


Gail said...

Gracie....this post made my heart leap into my throat....what a wonderful way to express what you are feeling, the progress of your sweet baby, and to connect with your baby before it's born. Love it.



Aldape family said...

This little Belly Baby is already loved and prayed for so much! ....So when are we finding out if it is a boy or girl?....Or are we finding out? ....I highly recommend not knowing it was the biggest trill of my life not knowing what Ava was! It kindof stinks for planning purposes but WAY worth opinion! Love you all!

goatpod2 said...

What a sweet post! My nephew is 11 months old today (Friday, January 1, 2010).