Friday, December 11, 2009

How could I have forgotten???!!!

Yesterday when I posted Johnathan's word list I neglected to write down two of his most frequent words:

-This...which he says about any item or object which he doesn't know the name to. "Dis, dis, pease" is a popular (and frustrating) phrase that he often repeats until I figure out just what it is that he's wanting.

-"Ice"...which he says specifically for several items that have no relation to one another. He will say it for hat, anything that is worn on your head...headband (I wear those a lot), earrings, etc. He also says it when he wants his hands washed or if he sees me pull out the Purel hand first I thought he was saying it for the sanitIZer...but he says it for so many other things. It is really quite comical. We'll try to get him to say hat by saying it really slowly...h-a-t, hat...and he responds with a very slow "ice!" Maybe one of these days we'll figure out just what ice means...but in the meantime we know that it means one of the things I mentioned above, we just have to put it into context of what we're doing at the moment!

Oh, he also loves to say the "amen" after we pray at meals. It is so precious. He loves to hold our hands when we pray and finishes with a very proud amen...sometimes when he's really hungry the "amen" comes right during the prayer!!! Every once in a while he will even offer up his own baby version of a prayer which I know God understands and loves.

Okay, well I'm off to continue my quest to finish up my Christmas gifts. I am sort of almost done! ;) Haha!


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goatpod2 said...

Good luck with the rest of your gifts, awe how sweet about the amen.